Best Real Estate CRM Software for Agents

The solution to all your real estate complications.

The Realtor Book offers the best features which will help the real estate agents in overall growth and development of their business.

Why Real Estate CRM Software?

  • Increases your Customer Interaction
  • Take your Real Estate business online
  • Saves your time to approach or find clients
  • Complete Automation of your Real Estate process
  • Effective tracking of buyers and sellers
  • Best investment for an agent in this digital world
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Realtor book Software Features

Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Automate leads quickly and followup them with details regarding your business. The Real Estate Software helps in drastically converting the leads to buyers.

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Real Estate Software Contact Management

Arrange all your client details, business names, seller details, addresses and additional information at one place in an organised manner for easy and quick access.

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Marketing in CRM for Realtors

The top real estate CRM software provides email marketing templates for real estate agents which helping you to spice up your emails. It gives you marketing ideas when you can’t think of what to send but you need to.

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Realtor CRM Time Management

This Real Estate Agent software helps to manage your time by scheduling the events which perfectly syncs your mobile phone via google calendar. Keeps the agents updated about the meeting and avoid mix ups and overlaps.

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Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Your every transaction is associated with a well designed checklist that directs you through every transaction right from the very beginning to a successful end. The real estate transaction management shows the checklist information on a single page.

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Best Accounting in Real Estate Agent Software

User can track performance and adjust pre-determined commission splits. Agents can monitor and also track the individual file expenses for better calculation of gross vs net profits on every file basis and for the end year tax preparation.

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Mobile Apps and Integration

Access Realtor book from your mobile devices and integrate with your favorite sales-boosting apps. Expand the capabilities of your account by installing apps which to connect it with other popular services.

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Transparency and Security

The best CRM for realtors takes security and privacy seriously both in our product and our organization to protect the data our agents entrust to us. Full transparency of how and when your business data is used ensuring full trust of yours.

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Real Estate Report Generation

A Real estate management system allows users to analyze and evaluate data with templates and customizable reports. Have complete insight into lead conversion, statistical evaluations, financial projections and all critical performance trackers.

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Cloud Storage in Real Estate Software

Capable of having unlimited storage space which is directly built into the platform. You can store an entire library of documents, photos and videos with your Transactions or Contacts. Easily replace all other storage systems.

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Facebook Lead capture

Leads can be captured through Facebook and they can be directly stored in the real estate software for further interaction. No third party software is required for this.

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Teams in Realtor CRM Software

Realtor CRM Software can have teams which fully customize their business and branding, within their brokerage. They can manage their communications, efficiency, productivity and profitability independently to operate like a brokerage within a brokerage.

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Site Visit Management

Manages to arrange a visit to the site for the inspection of how it satisfies their requirement. It creates a smart list of leads who have undergone site visits making you focus on the need and purchase basis.

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Contract Management

Manages real estate contracts which include leases and owned property agreements for the company. Ensures that payments are made, options are executed, and renewals are evaluated.

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Property Handover Management

Manages to create a checklist of all documents, paperwork etc which are to handed over making sure there are no errors and omissions and all property facts are gathered.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Real Estate CRM Software


What is Real Estate CRM Software?

Real Estate CRM software works by providing the information, leads etc about the interested customer to the agent. It helps in customer  interaction with the real estate agents which further provides understanding of the requirement and needs the customer has. It automates business, marketing, and contact management activities for real estate sales and rental organizations.

What are the best features of real estate CRM software?

The best features of a Real Estate Agent Software are :

  1. Effective Lead Generation
  2. Organised Contact Management System
  3. Easy Transaction Management System
  4. E-signatures on documents
  5. Cloud Storage
  6. Security of data

How does Real Estate CRM Software help Agents?

The Real Estate agents adopt the traditional way of contacting, gaining clients, etc. In the present digital world it is necessary for an agent to adapt accordingly. The Real Estate software solves all these problems by gaining leads digitally, obtaining details, online marketing etc. It creates a wider range of accessibility and eases the human efforts.

What are the advantages of using Real Estate agent CRM software?

The advantages of using the real estate agent software are :

  1. Creates a wide range of access to clients.
  2. Automate leads quickly.
  3. Maintain a record of all the client details.
  4. Quick and safe transactions.
  5. Security of data.
  6. Integration of various apps.
  7. Cloud storage.

How can we get more customers using Real Estate CRM software?

You can get a lot more customers by using the real estate software than the traditional way because the customers who read your websites are considered as leads. Leads are automated and stored by the software helping you to approach them more easily and quickly.


Best Real Estate CRM Software for Agents

Real Estate business is something which has been a booming one always. Reason being the quest for the land in order to build a house, office, school, business, hospital etc. Land is will always be one of the most needed or required asset for anyone to possess. In olden days, people would just buy a property as the availability of land was more. As years passed it naturally became a bit tiring process to look for a land which would suit the requirement of the customer. That’s when the brokers and agents came into play.

The brokers manage to keep a record of all the available lands and plots with them because the owners were too busy with their life. The brokers acts as a middle person between the owner of the land and the buyer. The broker helps in making the availability be known to the buyer according to the requirement. The traditional way of real estate business was when a buyer gets to know about the broker and approaches and the deal is made accordingly. The problem lies in the process of a buyer needing to find the right broker which will help in purchasing the property. This traditional way narrows down the chances of a broker finding the buyer. It affects his business and kills time in finding the right ones.

To address this problem the CRM for real estate is started. This property management CRM Software helps the real estate agents to find the buyers quickly and help them in purchasing the property. This basically acts as an interface between the real estate agent and the buyer. Some of the real estate software tools are

1.Contact Management using Best Real Estate Software

The core function of any CRM is contact management. Just as your business revolves around your contacts the CRM software was built to revolve around the extremely powerful real estate contact management software system. This helps in managing the details and information of the clients at one place. They can be arranged and organized in a manner such as spouse’s name, child name, address, etc. The more the agent knows and connects with the buyer the more satisfying it would feel for the buyer. This saves time and eases the human efforts.

2. Lead Generation using Best Real Estate Software

The most important priority for any business is to generate track leads efficiently. Just like the other businesses the real estate business also needs leads. The best real estate crm software should be able to generate leads from their own website, social media websites etc. The leads help in finding the target customers quickly and more often result in a successful deal. The leads obtained must be stored at a particular place making it easy for the agents to approach them.

3. Accounting using Best Real Estate Software

Accounting is an integral part of many business and so is for real estate business. The accounting software for real estate investors helps the business understand the financial condition and at the same time indicates the amount of profits generated. It helps in recording and reporting the business’s financial transactions. It gives a report of the net profits, net incomes, financial health of the business. On an overall basis it improves efficiency, automates accounting, simplifies tax filing, gives a running history of the business and many more.

4. Transaction Management using Best Real Estate Software

Transaction Management is the most important tool for a real estate agent software. When a buyer is impressed with the property and agrees to purchase this is where the software comes into play. A buyer would not want to invest more of his time coming to the office and would be more pleased to have something like this software which would in turn save his time, The software provides a checklist of things that need to be done making sure nothing is left behind. It also provides the facility of having E-signatures.

5. Report Generation using Best Real Estate Software

Reports generally help in analysing and estimating the performance of a business. Similarly, Real estate management system allows users to analyze and evaluate data with templates and customizable reports. It helps to have a complete insight into lead conversion, statistical evaluations, financial projections and all critical performance trackers. This analysis helps in making changes and strategies on the present ideas.

Final Word:

These are the best real estate software tools required for an agent in making find success in his business. The best real estate software at present for the real estate agents is the Realtor Book providing these tools with the advanced technology. Hence, these are the best tools to look for among the many available ones in order to make the Best CRM for Real Estate Agents.

What does a Real Estate CRM Software offer to a business?

The concept of Real Estate Business is that a firm that employs a team of real state agents (realtors) who help facilitate a transaction between the buyers and sellers of property. Their job is to represent either party and help them achieve a purchase or sale with the best possible    terms. The basic motive of the business was to help provide buyers find the right property which they need. There was a drawback though that the buyers and sellers aren’t easy to be found though there are many people in need of either a buyer or a seller.

The Real Estate Property Management Software was introduced in order to get find solutions to the existing issue of the real estate agents. In the growing digital world it is almost necessary to have a digital business which will help address the needs of the customers quickly. In the present day people avoid the traditional ways of running a business and look for something which consumes less time and provides better results.

So let us look at what the realtor software has to offer.

1.Best real estate software saves time and human efforts

If you are looking for a buyer or seller, most probably you would put efforts in looking around for the people who actually are in need of buying or selling property through your contacts, word of mouth, etc. The real estate brokerage management helps you find them online now. The real estate agents find customers via leads from websites, social media, etc. This saves your time to move around, put in human efforts and most importantly you save time.

2. Best real estate software provides details and information

The real estate management software helps in providing the right amount of information about the buyer or the seller to the real estate agent. This is possible with the help of the leads generated which automatically pulls social data from their email.

This helps in approaching the customer quickly and understanding them.

3. Easy Integration with the Best real estate software

You can connect your MLS Accounts to the software and all your MLS listings will get automatically loaded into the CRM and you can access and manage them without leaving the system. It not only communicates with customers but also creates alignment and streamlines communication within your business.

4. Best Real Estate Software creates high conversion rate

The traditional method of real estate business doesn’t yield a high level of conversion compared to the modern digital method. The software helps in speeding up the processes and making sure there isn’t any delay in the entire process of buying and selling. It provides efficient information to the client and buys the trust and confidence of the client making sure that they end up in closing the deal on a successful note. Therefore, this tells that the conversion rate is naturally higher than the traditional methods of real estate agents.

5. Security of data in Best real estate software

The real estate development software offers complete security and protection of the client information. This is something which is lacking in the traditional way of real estate business as the data here is kept completely confidential. The information of the clients is stored together at one place safe and it also helps in accessing the data quickly.

Final word:

The Real Estate Software has way too many advantages when compared to the traditional way of real estate business. As the world is now becoming digital, it is time for the real estate businesses to also gear up and progress in order to not run out of business and making efficient use of the digital tools available. Therefore, real estate agents should start looking out for the software which will help them gain immense business.

5 Qualities of Real Estate CRM Software

The most important qualities required in a real estate CRM software are

  1. Automated Lead Generation using Best Real Estate Software

The lead generation in the traditional way was a very slow process. With the Best Real Estate Software the leads are automatically generated through the page landing and also with the social media platforms. The leads are arranged in a systematic manner and also in an organised manner helping the agents find leads based on their area, type of property etc.

2. Marketing using Best Real Estate Software

The Best Rental Management Software should be capable of sending bulk emails to the prospect buyers for an open house. At the same time it should be able to send out the marketing emails regarding the properties and the business frequently in order to make sure the buyer is now keen on making a move in buying the property. There should be an availability of various templates to be chosen to create an attractive advertisement or brochures.

3. Offer Management using Best Real Estate Software

The traditional method of offer was to put in a lot of manual efforts by the agent in convincing the buyers and the sellers to agree or set the bid at a certain price. On the contrary, the prospect buyers can bid online on your website, which will be captured by the top real estate CRM software. These bids are then arranged and then they can be accepted or rejected as per the buyers requirement.

4. Virtual tour provision using Best Real Estate Software

The agents would generally have to wait for the client to set a date and then take them in order to show them the property or the site. All this is time consuming and these can be avoided by the top property management software. The virtual tour of the property is given to the buyer by recording a video of the property with every possible detail. This saves time and also enhances the view of the buyer. In this way, the agent can also understand the requirement of the buyer without putting much efforts.

5. E Signatures using Best Real Estate Software

When a buyer is interested in a property there will be too many signatures needed. It is hectic and time taking for the agent to run around and seek signatures on the documents. Now with the advanced features of the software the signatures can be made online and also the documents can also be sent online not only saving time but also money. You can set automated reminders in order to make sure everything is carried out on time.

Outcomes of using the best real estate CRM software

There have been many solutions to the rest estate business but the one standout solution is to have a real estate software. Having the best real estate software is the solution to almost all the existing problems in the field of real estate. Let us see the outcomes of having it.

  1. Extended range of contacts using the Real Estate Software

Previously when the contacts available were through word of mouth or through flyers or low budget advertisements very less people would come in. But When you use the best real estate software the work, efficiency, quality are increased at the same time the efforts are gradually reduced. As more amount of business will be created people will show more interest and there will an increase in the number of contacts.

2. Quick closure of deals with Real Estate Software

The deals previously were taking as the agent has to look for a date and time when the buyer and seller are available and fix an appointment. The agent had to make sure he had to set document in order which was naturally time and effort taking. By making use of the best real estate software all this is made easy as the software creates a checklist of all the documents and paper work needed before a deal is successful. The deals can be done online with the buyer and seller at their own place taking their own time. The software also provides the option of having E signatures thereby making the deals happen in a smooth fashion.

3. Unlimited lead generation using Real Estate Software

The software for real estate agents generates unlimited leads by tracking the users who check the website. It helps in quickly identifying the leads by automating the process. The leads are also gained by sending emails too. This lead generation is a lot more helpful in the present day as previously it was very difficult to identify people who were looking out for a property. There are higher chances that leads will end up in a successful deal therefore this outcome helps the agents immensely.

4. Security of data in the Real Estate Software

All the data which is generated or stored was previously written down in a book or stored in a document in the system which would help in further access. There are chances of the data getting lost when the system crashes. So to avoid all these the real estate crm systems helps in saving the data which can be accessed anytime and without anyone tampering without the permission of the owner.

5. Marketing Automation in Real Estate Software

The software helps in sending out automated emails to the leads. This email marketing helps in converting a certain amount of leads to buyers. The best real estate marketing software helps in saving a lot of time and also efforts to send out emails to all possible leads.

6. Business Intelligence by using Real Estate Software

When the agent uses the best CRM software for real estate agents, the business knowledge or intelligence gained is huge. He will understand how the online business works. As he keeps using the software more he will know where certain changes and adjustments are to be made to overcome the obstacles if any.

What new challenges does an agent face when using the Real Estate CRM Software?

Real Estate Business is the type of business where almost every customer is different from others by their background, economic condition, wants, needs etc. It is very evident that the Real Estate needs an advanced way of finding, segmenting, managing and satisfying customer needs.

The Real Estate sector is growing in all directions with a large number of project flooding in the market giving clients a wider range of choices. Clients want the best from their investment, they want the best property with good service in a professional way. So you stand out your business from the others in the market so that customers can distinguish your service.

As there are new challenges coming your way every single phase it is important for the business to gear up and look to find solutions or tools which will help the business prosper. This is when the Top Property Management Software comes into picture forming a solution for the modern rising problems. The Real Estate Software solutions play a huge role in moulding a real estate business agent into an efficient one.

The following are how Real Estate Software tools help you to meet the challenges.

1. Customer Segmentation using Real Estate Software :

There is provision of effective segmentation of the market by the Real Estate Development Software helping you focus and nurture the needs of the particular segment of the group. This helps in effective concentration which leads to high rate of conversion.

2. Effective Communication using Real Estate Software

There is provision of several features and tools by the Real Estate Back office for more effective communication with prospects and clients for more sales

3. Manage Sales Cycle using Real Estate Software

A typical Real Estate sales cycle consists of companies and customer interaction. Real Estate Property Management Softwaretracks all the interaction, analyses it, and also follows up for effective utilization.

4. Property Administration using Real Estate Software

With Real Estate CRM and website administration tools you can easily create and manage the property from basic address to floor plan on a company’s portfolio.

5. Document Management using Real Estate Software

In Real Estate business you have to deal with a large number of documents like rental lease, property lease, contracts, etc. With Real Estate document management software you can create and manage all the documents easily.

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